Connection Groups

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Connect Groups

CONNECT GROUPS are groups of people getting together to share a common interest.  They have a strong relationship design to them.  This can encompass weekly dinners, similar hobbies like fishing, knitting or bowling, or playdates with the kids.  The options are endless!  If you are passionate about something, find a couple other people that share your same passion and live life together.

Life Groups

LIFE GROUPS are a vital part of spiritual growth here at ReaLife.  The group size can range from 5 -15 people, meeting in homes or around the Erie area, and can follow along with our current sermon series or focus on a biblical study.  This is a great way to build a relationship with God and each other

Learning Groups

LEARNING GROUPS are held at the church on Wednesday evenings.  These are more formal times of study that vary in degree of depth and can be easily understood by a corresponding number code (101, 201, 301, & 401).  The higher the number, the greater the depth and commitment.  Courses will range from those new in the faith to Global University. 

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